We do not have all the answers and need every hands and brain to recreate the Paths

Join Us for the Ride


We started in Dallas, TX but our team can be anywhere 

We are growing fast. With such an ambitious vision, we are always looking for the talents sharing our passion for the reconfiguring the way we train for any career. We believe one can learn any time, from any place. Our team should be also to contribute in the similar setting. 


Changing the future of career training means thinking differently.

As our motto is everyone can excel and prosper at a job befitting the heart's desire.  We believe every team member can be successful and happy working here as long as they are open-minded, resilient from setbacks, curious, driven.   Join us in building a learning highway system that allows anyone to hop on and off, and enjoy every stop without the constraints of budget and time. 

Ready to jump in and explore? 
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