Why Now?

The traditional career model that we have known for decades has changed dramatically with technologies and the Pandemic. So many are at loss as to how to adapt to those changes for their next career move. 


Empower people to pursue their "dream" jobs

We aim at providing a turn-key solution for anyone to identify, pursue a new career path with personalized learning path, support network and opening level positions.

  • How you can go from beginner to a job you love

  • What the job market is like in your area and the salary you can expect

  • If your "dream job" is the best fit for you based on your background and interests

Abstract Lines

Our Tools for Learning Challenges

Learning Plan

"The trainings are so boring, I fell asleep watching the videos..."

Unlike the traditional approach of a fixed curriculum, our learning plan is composed of smaller learning modules in many different forms to cater to different learning style and availabilities. 


"I tried self-paced learning but gave up when I got stuck."

"I find the lecture difficult to follow"

"I don't know anyone in this industry. How can I step in the door?"

 The matched mentor/coach/peer team, depending on your needs, provides individualized insights/network, feedback, guidance as you work towards the first milestones of your new career.


Rethinking of Training Delivery

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